The original meaning of DANDISMO in Italian means that men are very particular about clothing and appearance, and have their own opinions. If we put this kind of life posture on cooking, we call it a food lover. PJ is a professional chef, and Alex is a standard office worker. People with two different life circles have the same persistence and dream of eating. We believe that in addition to the color and scent of the food, we must also add the beauty of the cuisine to the food. I am even more convinced that under our leadership, everyone can become a restaurant. When we are busy with life, we can combine the beauty of the atmosphere into our daily restaurants to create a tasteful food to reward ourselves. DANDISMO uses the simplest ingredients available to make the most professional way to create a professional chef-class cuisine, so that DANDISMO fans can be a vegetarian. DANDISMO's cooking ideas, let your table food turn into a corner of the fine dining restaurant.
Date: Mar. 2019
Role: Anya
Client: PJ & Alex
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